Fees & Services

Fees & Services

Seattle Financial Planning
As an independent Fee-Only CFP (r) where integrity and expertise intersect, 2020 Financial Planning LLC offers 2 levels of financial planning and 1 level of investment management.

Financial Roadmap

For clients seeking a goals-based financial roadmap incorporating all aspects of their life where money exerts an influence. The financial planning process follows the industry standard of starting with a Discovery Call and proceeding to delivering recommendations to the client. Fee: No asset minimum. This type of engagement is billed as a fixed fee. Anticipate paying a Fee Only Financial Planner a minimum of $1870. Financial planning engagements average 11 to 14 hours. This includes all steps of the engagement, including client meetings, analysis, and the 3 financial plan deliverables.

Hourly Financial Planning

For a client with less complexity in their financial life. Since the same due diligence is required for each client, the financial planning process also applies to an hourly model. Fee: No asset minimum. By the hour. 6 hour minimum. Anticipate paying a Fee Only Financial Planner $178 an hour or more. Separately, investment management is offered for those seeking professional implementation of portfolio recommendations and ongoing portfolio optimization.

Investment Management

Modern Portfolio Theory and a hybrid of passively and actively managed funds are utilized after establishing an Investment Policy with a client. Clients' accounts are not held by 2020 Financial Planning LLC but by TD Ameritrade. Since TD Ameritrade is the custodian, each client has discretion to cancel the relationship if they opt to self manage. Fee: Percentage of assets. You might anticipate paying .75% or less to manage your portfolio. Provided via dual registration with Robust Wealth. In searching for a Financial Planner to work with, knowing how they are compensated will ensure you make the decision more fully informed. Get in touch to further determine what the best model is for your goals and to discover what it's like to work with a Fee Only Financial Planner.