Financial Planning Process

What To Expect

Discovery Meeting: What do you hope to accomplish in working with a fee only financial planner? Was there a catalyst for you to seek working with someone? How much would it cost? Conducted via Zoom.

Client On-boarding: You gather your source documents (I provide a list of what you need). You fill in the financial planning tool used to build out your 3 financial plan deliverables with your data. 

 Data Gathering and Strategy Meeting.  We walk through your data and make any changes if needed. We map your financial goals. We stack rank them. We review the key concepts of investing.We assess your loss threshold (a.k.a. risk tolerance).

Financial Planner Work:  I analyze your data, your documents, your level of risk, your financial fluency, and your financial goals. I identify the best options and the best outputs for you. I map out and model the optimal path and methods to get you there.

Financial Planner Work: I build your 3 financial plan deliverables: 1. 1-Page Action Plan. 2. Financial Plan. 3. Portfolio Plan. 

Financial Plan Deliverables Meeting. Manifested in your 3 financial plan deliverables, we walk through the findings and recommendations. Since this is a dynamic meeting, we can adjust any ‘what if’ scenarios in real time to determine any impact to the projections. We discuss any implications (good and/or bad) of any changes that you want to make and are able to immediately see the results of any decision.

Implement: Working from your financial plan deliverables, you implement the recommendations. You’d reach out for more explanation or clarification on anything that wasn’t clear.  I don’t charge extra for follow up questions related to the deliverables, so there is no limit to contacting me during your implementation phase.

Monitor: Since you will continue to have access to the tool used to create your financial plan, you are encouraged to keep your data updated. This provides the modeling with accurate data.

You are also encouraged to keep your portfolio holdings up to date in the tool. This allows you to monitor your asset allocation and track to your preferred portfolio model.

Review: Down the road or when you have a life change, you may want to meet to update goals and/or to review your portfolio. If so, you’d reach out and we’d schedule a review.