Would You Have The Courage To Take The Path Less Traveled?

I am not sure I would.

Yet I do find it inspiring when I come across it.

Being able to look beyond what you think your abilities are, being able to look beyond what goals you have set for yourself and really stretch for something that is bigger than you?

These are things not easily done, and of course not all of us are meant to stretch halfway across the globe!

But finding purpose and meaning in our lives?  Invaluable and, as we get older, more and more it’s what boils down to the motivation behind what we do every day.

The only way we grow is by stretching ourselves.  Challenging how we have always seen things or always done things.

Might there be a better way?  A different way?

Is your inner life being fed by what you do or, at least, is it the means by which your inner life is fed?

How is what you are doing leading you to the life you want to build for yourself?

How is what you are doing having an impact on others and if so, is it the kind of impact you intend?

Not easy questions to ask or answer.