What Is Your ‘Good Life’?

When looking at living the kind of life you want, you may already have many aspects of ‘the good life’ in it.

Family, adventure, health, meaningful work, joy.

Friends, learning, knowledge, community.

Solitude, simplicity, hobbies, passions, independence.

‘The Good Life’ can be a myriad of these things and more to any of us. It tends to be unique just as we are each unique.

But what is the salient aspect of ‘The Good Life’ that is universal?

Being able to live your life on your terms.

Dare I say what allows that? Well, it’s hard to deny it, but it’s money (surprise!).

Without it we are at the mercy of giving our time, physical health, mental health, to someone or something else.  That could be an employer or job. It could be an unhealthy relationship. Or perhaps living in an area that depresses or confines us.

When we hear the phrase ‘The Good Life’, it can evoke aspects of material wealth. But I think as we get older, material wealth takes a back seat to those other aspects that don’t have anything to do with a physical possession.

However, while not materialistic, they do require the same thing that physical possessions require: Money.

This is not to say you need alot of money, but it does mean that you have to be intentional with the money and earnings you acquire and align them to the things that matter to you, which are the things that make up your own ‘Good Life’.