Top 5 529 Savings Plans With Least Expenses

At this point most states offer a 529 Savings Plan.

But they aren’t all created equal.

Some have higher expense ratios than others, and if you purchase through a salesperson instead of purchasing directly, you likely will pay a fee (‘load’ fee) to compensate the salesperson for selling it to you.

The 5 states that have the lowest cost 529 plans are:

California, Nevada, New York, Ohio, and Utah.

Before considering these though you want to find out if you get a tax deduction by purchasing the 529 plan sponsored by your own state.

However, simply because your state does have a 529 plan that is tax deductible doesn’t mean it’s still the best one for you: You still need to consider the expense ratios and you also need to consider the quality of the underlying funds in the plan.

While it can definitely be a smart decision to start a 529 plan, they are not all created equal in performance, expenses/fees, or tax considerations.

(Disclosure: I am a Fee-Only Financial Planner. Here’s my website.)