If It Doesn’t Have Meaning Then Why Do It?

Sometimes there’s just stuff we have to do and get over with already.  Hopefully our life’s work isn’t one of those things.

If it is that’s a pretty miserable way to live.

There are seasons in our lives when we are in a job to get to the other side towards meaningful work, but this should be a transitory situation, definitely not something long term.

But think about it.

You know these people because you have met them.  Maybe you are related to them, live near them, or have worked with them.

People who can’t see that, yes, work can have meaning and doesn’t have to suck, even on the bad days or in the bad seasons.

This isn’t just people in a blue collar or menial job; it’s found in any profession: people who started down a path because it was the path of least resistance or, worse, to please someone or impress those they loved.

There will be dry spells, of course, and there will be times we need to reassess where we are and what we are doing.

But, when we live intentionally and when we work intentionally, the payoff is immeasurable.

Tying our paycheck from our work to the larger purpose we envision for ourselves takes some of the sting out of a bad day.

It does require that we are able to live below our means so that we have money left over to apply to goals above and beyond just making ends meet, but I have yet to meet anyone that regretted living below their means and I have met many people who regretted living beyond their means.