Focusing on the Fundamentals

Whenever there’s turbulence in a stock market, either the US or another country, it can create anxiety. ┬áSome thoughts that come to mind for many people include:

‘Will this affect my account?’

‘Will this affect my ability to still grow my account and to get the returns I expect?’

‘How long will this last?’

It can be hard to remember to step back, not react, and keep your eyes on the long term goals that you are saving and investing for in the first place.

Why are you invested in the markets that you are?

Is it for long term goals or is it to speculate?

There’s a world of difference in strategy and motivation between the 2, and if yours is to fund long term goals (ie future financial freedom), then this week’s turbulence should be viewed as just a bump in the road that will eventually smooth itself out.

This is also a good reminder that, if you aren’t already working with a financial planner, this may be a good time to engage with one to, at a minimum, get a second set of eyes on your portfolio.