Do You Believe In Your Goals?

You might answer yes reflexively.  But think about it for a moment.

Do you truly believe in what you are doing, in the goals you have set for yourself?

Goals are what drive us every day to get up and do the work that has to be done.  They are what drive us to be the person we strive to be, to create the future for our families that we envision, to challenge ourselves to face our fears and to overcome them.

Goals that are financial in nature aren’t that distinct from other types of goals we may have for ourselves.

They still require us to have buy-in, to set the tactics to achieve them, and to have the perseverance to keep going day after day until we eventually get there.

And the day a goal is met is so sweet, it’s it’s own reward, because while having a sense of accomplishment matters, it matters more to know we can face a challenge, draw up from within ourselves what is necessary to meet it, and then to execute against it to make it happen.

If someone doesn’t support your goal, listen to them to see if they have merit.  But also discern what their intentions are for their feedback: Is it legitimate or are they just trying to hold you  back?

(Disclosure: I am a fee-only Financial Planner. My website is here.)