Why I Will Miss Steve Jobs

‘Have you seen Jobs’ Stanford commencement speech?’ my husband asked.  I hadn’t, and he emailed it to me.

It was a speech I have almost memorized, because it is so profound in many ways that resonate with me. It’s not necessarily because they are things I heard for the first time; it is more the way they are delivered.

There are simply times and people that affect you deeply, whose words or actions stay with you for the rest of your life.

This speech is one is one of them.

I remember in high school watching the commercial of the first Macintosh.

In 1991 I bought a Macintosh for personal use.  I was so excited; I used it mostly for word processing and remember how much I preferred it over an IBM-type PC.

I remember I had a fish screen saver that I thought was so amazing!

So, Apple has been a part of my life for quite awhile.

When I read the Stanford commencement speech I remember salient points affecting me:

1) Find what you love and pursue it passionately.

2) Grow and learn from your mistakes, even the ones you still don’t understand.

3) Live each day as if you were going to die that day.

4) Embrace the truth that loss, no matter how extreme, results in new opportunities for your life.

And even though I have a Microsoft background, I have always liked Steve Jobs.  I will miss Steve Jobs.  I hope Apple will stay it’s brilliant self, but I have a sense it may go the same route Microsoft did after Bill Gates left.

I really want to be wrong.

(Disclosure: I am a Fee-Only Financial Planner and hold neither AAPL nor MSFT.  My website is here.)