What Will It Mean If Iran Is Next?

I have a fascination with the country of Iran.  I find the history (3,500 years!) very intriguing, especially the Pre-Islamic period.

I was a kid when the Iranian Revolution happened, but I do remember all the disruption, especially since my Mom’s boyfriend worked for a very large engineering company that did work in developing markets, such as Iran.

When I was in college I got to know several Iranians and became fascinated with their food, history, and culture.  I have been ever since and have followed the Green Revolution since it started a couple of years ago.

My text this morning to my friend in London: “A, looks like Iran is lighting up again, what do you think?”

A: “Opposition leaders now arrested news saying safe houses they are not safe houses.  They have been arrested.”

I’d really like to see the Green Revolution take off.  Can they do it?   What will it mean for the people of Iran? I’d like to think it will mean economic prosperity that is shared beyond the very top level of society.

The people of Iran are highly educated and incredibly cultured; they are very proud of their rich Persian heritage.

I hope any revolution there would lead to improved relations with the Western world and stability that would spill over into neighbouring countries (notably Iraq and Afghanistan).

The Chinese have been in Iran for the last decade, gaining a strategic alliance aimed at their oil resources.

I don’t know how that would play out for oil prices for the Western world, but I suspect it’d be highly correlated between the 2 markets (China and Western world), since in the case of oil it is a global commodity market.