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Why 2020?

2020 Financial Planning provides fee-only, goal-based planning for successful professionals who place a premium on having a tailored, comprehensive Financial Plan that puts their financial future into focus.

As a Fee-Only Financial Planner, we receive no commissions or fees from financial products or promotions. We receive compensation exclusively from one source: The client.

We have always been a Fiduciary: Our clients’ best interests inform each recommendation we make.

Why do our clients care about how we are paid?

Because being paid exclusively by our clients assures them that we are sitting on the same side of the table as them: Their side. While there are many ethical financial advisors who sell financial products, 2020 Financial Planning’s charter as a Fee-Only Financial Planner cleanly allows for total objectivity when recommending products and investments that will serve our client’s goals.

Being a Fee-Only Financial Planner frees 2020 Financial Planning to objectively analyze the broadest range of investment choices for recommendation. It doesn’t limit us to just one family of funds or products. To discover more, please email us.

Contact us to further determine what the best model is for your goals and to discover what it’s like to work with a Fee Only Financial Planner.