My Money Valentine Or All You Need Is Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! When I went into work this morning, the building Security had bowls of Seattle Chocolates out and were greeting everyone with the chocolates.

I will never turn down a Seattle Chocolate offered by a nice person smiling and greeting me warmly.

When thinking about today and how to show you care to those you love, consideration is key but, alas, money does creep in (at least with our SO).

Hopefully not by randomly spending it on your SO (Significant Other) but intentionally spending.

Show your SO you care by talking about your future together and how excited you are to have that future with them.

 Yet, what future exists that doesn’t include a way to fund it?

Sure, there are many things we do that don’t cost money and our most meaningful experiences in life have absolutely nothing to do with money.

But, really, when you are talking with your SO about your future together, those plans usually require funds.

There’s no better way to assure someone that you mean it by showing it with how you spend or don’t spend money.

What does this look like?

Including them in all financial decisions, no matter how minute.

Making sure they support those decisions and if they don’t, hitting your pause button before you proceed.

Not buying things behind each other’s back.

Asking for their advice around a purchase when you don’t need to. (The word for that? Consideration).

It’s no secret that money is a large source of friction in relationships, so why not shield against it by including this in the course of however you show your SO how much you love them today?