Hitting Ctl-Alt-Del

I’m always tempted to reassess and refine my life when a new year begins.  I know I’m not alone.

I look at my external goals related to lifestyle, money behaviours, habits, and the other usual suspects people have for themselves.

Being a goal-oriented person, I find these external goals relatively easy to make and achieve, as I do like challenges with concrete metrics and visible results.

But internal goals? I find those much, much harder.

For one, I can’t measure them.  For another, they are highly subjective.  Even when I ask someone to help hold me accountable for the internal goals I set for myself, they can still be elusive.

Will that person truly hold me accountable? More significantly, will I finally, truly, hold myself accountable?

Accountability is so key with any goals that are a constant in your life.

I sometimes get discouraged by some of my internal goals.  ‘Why can’t I change this behaviour?’ I ask myself. ‘Why do I still do this, even though I know I shouldn’t?’ or ‘How come I sabotage myself by doing ‘x’ or thinking ‘y’? ‘How can I be a better wife? A better friend?’

I suspect that’s a universal feeling, regardless of the goals we have, whether they be external (e.g. eating better, getting in shape, getting out of debt, changing money habits, watching less TV) or internal (e.g. relationship with money, improving one’s inner dialogue, improving one’s compassion, improving one’s capacity for patience, spending more time meditating).

But they can be hard, can’t they?

So this is intended as a post to just say, hey, I get it.  I have the same struggles you do.  They may take a different form than yours, but I have my weaknesses, my areas of growth as well.

I may have mastered the money part of the equation, but that doesn’t mean I have mastered all aspects of my life.  Not by a long shot.