February 15: House of Pain

I love February 15.

King County posts 2011 property taxes (search for yours here).

Hopefully, unlike me, you will have some recompense when you see your 2011 numbers.

Ours are up.

By 5%!

Given that Seattle real estate values are down to levels none of us foresaw, ever, it’s a bit of an insult for the taxes to go up (Hint: Stay away from Zillow.  No, you don’t want to look. Trust me on this one.)

The good side to this day though is all financial institutions have to make prior year activity available to clients.

That means 5498s and 1099s are finally (finally!!) available online.

Which means I finally get to send my 1040 and schedules in after tapping my foot, looking at the calendar, for the last couple of weeks.

(Disclosure: I am a Fee-Only Financial Planner. I own 2 houses in Seattle. My website is here.)