Claim It Now, Not Later

I was reading a recent issue of BusinessWeek last week (old school, tactile, hard copy format) and came across an article on James Altucher.

It’s hard to categorize this guy; he works in the world of VC and Finance, but saying that’s who he is is like saying Sir Branson is about music. Or airplanes.

Mr. Altucher has had a less than perfect life.

He admits it; something I suspect I’m not alone in being drawn to.

His blog and Twitter feed have gobs of followers. It’s easy to see why.

His writings are authentic in exposing his faults, and captivating, but not in a schadenfreude kind of way, more like a ‘wow, not alone, not alone’ kind of way.

His recent posting on ‘When I Retire I Will…‘ had me falling out of my chair from laughter. It will strike a mid-life chord in anyone who has experienced an existential challenge in trying to justify how one got to this point (for better or for worse).

It left me concluding that the height of misery includes not having meaning, while it’s inverse, the height of joy, includes a sense of purpose and belonging.

Regardless of irrevocable mistakes and missed opportunities, hope remains to reinvent ourselves and claim the present for ourselves.

But it doesn’t just happen.  We have to envision it, plan for it, and strive towards it while concurrently not letting today be just the means to it, but a gift given us on it’s own merit.