Lifestyle Choices: To Say No, You Need A Yes

In planning our life path, we identify how to improve ourselves and our life station (our 'yes'es). We identify what to avoid (our 'no's). Yet, every day we are bombarded with lifestyle spending choices that can pull us away from our 'yes'es. How do we respond?

A Budget Strategy For Variable Income

If you have variable income, you likely are faced with the challenge of creating a budget strategy. What will your income be? What assumptions can accurately be made? Yet, is it much different than the challenge anyone else has with creating a budget?

Trump and Taxes

It's only been about 9 months since the election, but it's looking like a Trump administration combined with a Republican congress makes for a very business friendly, as well as corporate and income tax friendly, environment. What will that mean for you in 2017 and beyond?